Why Horses?

horses running in snow

In Their Presence

I find the Horse to be a unique creature because even though they are an animal of flight, meaning that their only defense is to flee from danger, they have chosen to partner with us since the beginning of time, overriding their instinct to flee, to carry us great distances  and serve us in many ways that we never could have accomplished without them.  I mean this both literally and figuratively.

I believe that Horses are Healers. Just by their powerful presence, the Horse spontaneously wakes us up from the Dream State and energetically invites us to look deeply at our Inner World.  They naturally act as a Gatekeeper, holding the space between the only reality we can currently see, opening the Gate to other insights, breakthroughs, and mindset shifts that are quickly revealed in the presence of the Horse.

The Discovery

The medicine of horse is Power, and it has been my experience that spending time with a horse awakens our connection to our own power. This is especially true for women. In Horse Sessions, I act as the translator of what the horse is communicating non-verbally, to verbal language that humans can hear and understand.

They'll Tell Us, IF We Listen

The Results Were Amazing

Julietta held the space for Kristi to go deep into her inquiry.  Julietta was acting as the bridge between what Kristi could see about her current reality, and what was possible to see and feel about the reality she desired.

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