This talk is the first of many that I want to give on the complexities of managing our wild horses. Currently, there are 67,000 wild horses roaming the land in 10 western states. The land they live on is becoming seriously depleted. There are another 43,000 wild horses standing in holding facilities across our great nation.

This talk explores the multi-faceted history of how we got to this point, and the opportunity for creative thinking and lightness that is needed to address the Dark Beauty that exists in the management of our wild horses.

I want to express huge gratitude to the many people I spoke with who shared their wisdom and their contributions to this cause:

  • Mary Ann Simonds  –  Mary Ann is an Equine Ethologist/Ecologist, who has researched and documented our wild horse herds and the range they live on for over 40 years.
  • Kate Solisti – Kate authored the book, “Conversations with Horse.”
  • Michelle Sander –  Michelle is the founder of the Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary and the creator of the Sand Wash Advocate Team, a group of volunteers that advocate and care for the wild horse herd that lives in the Sand Wash Basin just north of Maybell, Colorado.

Come out to visit our wild horses and learn more!  Join me and many other wild horse lovers out on the Sand Wash Basin on September 17th, 2016 for their annual Sand Wash Rendezvous!

Here is a flyer that has all of the details:  Wild Horse Herds of Colorado.  Please be sure to contact Aleta Wolf, Director of the Sand Wash Advocate Team, “SWAT,”  at, to get on the mailing list for more details!

Come out to the ranch and work with me and the yearling mustangs we adopted last year.  They teach me everyday the importance and the privilege of connecting with wild animals, and with the wildness within ourselves.
Deborah Inanna Krenza


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