Tending the Feminine Fire

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Who did you come here to BE this lifetime?

2017 Workshops
Saturday, August 19

Tending the Feminine Fire with Deborah Inanna

Time:  8:00am – 4:00pm

Location: 240 Leons Place, Lyons, CO 80540

Phone: 303-817-5000

Cost: $247.00 (includes interactive work, coaching, and lunch)



Cultivating the Wild in You with Deborah Inanna – Coming Soon! 

Location: GEMS (Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary)

Sanctuary visits are by Appt. only

Come be with me and the horses to re-ignite your feminine fire!

Seats available

Tending the Feminine Fire requires honoring the qualities of the Divine Feminine: Receptiveness, Sensuality, Inclusiveness, Interconnectedness with All That Is, Intuition, Nurturance, Connection and Respect for the Cycles and Laws of Nature, and Empowerment.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, the time has come for us as a race to bring ourselves into balance by tending to our Feminine Fire which, complements the Masculine.  How carefully are you tending your Feminine Fire?

From the perspective of the Feminine Fire, the definition of Power is: the Ability to Empower Yourself and Others.  Our ability to empower is directly connected to having clarity of our Purpose and Vision.  

To keep our Feminine Fire burning strong, we must be aware of what depletes our Feminine Fire, when we choose to give away our Feminine Fire, and what builds and strengthens our Feminine Fire.  What is currently depleting your Feminine Fire?

Total Cost: $247


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