“Direct sensuous reality, in all its more-than-human mystery, remains the sole solid touchstone for an experiential world now inundated with electronically-generated vistas and engineered pleasures; only in regular contact with the tangible ground and sky can we learn how to orient and to navigate in the multiple dimensions that now claim us.” 



Patricia came out to the ranch to spend three days with me for a Nature Immersion last November.  She was in big transition, and wanted to get clarity on decisions she needed to make, and reconnect with Mother Nature.  Together, we planned the meals, how we would spend our time together, and set intentions.   One of our intentions was to spend as much time as possible out with Mother Nature.  The weather was cold and rainy much if the time, and it did not stop us from getting out in it.  We performed rituals and ceremonies, pulled Tarot cards, communed with the horses, did chores together, and spent lots of time by the fire, talking and searching.


Patricia wrote a beautiful and powerful evaluation that I am thrilled to have her permission to share:


“Gates of Inanna Ranch is a force of nature.  Being virtually secluded in the forest and staying on the ranch itself allowed my body/mind to let go of my ego monkey mind.  In other words, I couldn’t “think” my way through this experience.  I had shifted to my intuition, without being aware of it initially.”


“The loving and protective nature of Deborah’s two dogs, Gaia and Merle, was evident within minutes of my arrival.  Their presence was so healing and comforting. The warmth and ambiance of the “inner ranch” were also nurturing to my experience; Deborah was so generous in making sure I was well fed on so many levels.”

Regarding our work with the horses, Patricia says:

“Learning and observing the communication and patterns of the horses was pivotal.  Standing the in middle of the herd was a WOW moment but it was also too much energy for me to tolerate at the time.  It was an important part of my experience.”


“The experience of observing Deborah with the horses and seeing her interact with the raw wild power yet bonding nature of horses felt like several layers of armor had melted from my body. Watching Deborah be BIG was very transformative for me. I have been small for way too long.”











“When I asked Deborah if I could spend time with just one horse, Captain, instead of the herd, was huge work for me.  I’m not one to just jump into an experience.  I watch, observe, and take in as much nonverbal signals as I can.  So when Captain was in the pen and I was on the outside observing, both he and I moved at our own pace.  He took a few steps closer and then so did I.  This lasted for perhaps 45 minutes.  Eventually he and I both came upon one another and I was able to stroke his incredible power.”


“The morning of my last day brought the work together. Again with Deborah’s watchful eye and the connection I had made with Captain the day before, in a moment that felt like a bolt of lightning hitting my body, I felt that I was BIG and deeply lovable. No amount of “talking” about love and soulfulness could engender the experience of Captain’s head nuzzling mine.”

Regarding my coaching:

“There is an important adage in any type of teaching/ therapy that I myself work with: “Begin where your client is, not where you want them to be and not where you are as a teacher/therapist.”  Deborah emulated this in every way.  Knowing that she was there to teach me without an agenda gave me the space to speak up when I needed something and to not worry about what was happening with her.  This is a quality of a master teacher and coach.”






Thank-you, Patricia, for taking the time to come out and be with me; for your courage and open-heartedness; for this lovely, empowering testimonial!

With love and gratitude,

Deborah Inanna


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