TAPPING INTO THE MYSTICAL HEART:  Seven Practices to Re-Enchant Your Life

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This series of seven blog posts explores the value of choosing to live in Mystery where life is full of awe and fascination.  There is so much that we don’t know, and yet we are inculturated to believe that we need to know in order to be safe, happy and successful. These seven blog posts will challenge our curiosity and embrace the enchantment of the unknown.    


What if all of our beliefs are just stories that we choose to live our lives by?  Does it serve ourselves and others to hold on to beliefs that no longer serve us?

I’ll never forget the day I was sitting in the Newfield Coaching training, and the facilitator guided us through an exercise where he asked us to write down the answers to these questions:  “What was the first thing you learned about what it means to be a woman?  To be a man?  About work?  About religion?  About money?”   In that moment, I realized that I had no interest in many of the beliefs that I had been living by.  

About a month ago, I adopted two five-month-old wild baby mustangs.  I am committed to gentle them with sensitivity, guided by their rhythm, not mine.  It has been a challenging practice of perseverance to stay in curiosity and patience, trusting that I don’t need to push what the next step will be.  This is truly an enchanting journey into the Mystery of being in relationship with the Horse.


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