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“There is no sincere path a human can take without their heart being broken.  This is a human incarnate.  It is not a question if your heart will break; only will your heart break over something that is important to you.”

David Whyte, Boulder, Colorado, July 2014


When I heard David Whyte speak these words at his talk in Boulder almost a year ago, a shift occurred in my body, and a revelation awakened between my soul and my heart.  I had never thought of heartbreak as being a natural occurrence in living a life of passion and commitment.  Before this shift, I had been holding the belief that a broken heart caused irreparable harm, and could never heal.  Actually, depending on our choice, the heart can and does heal completely and rapidly.

The impact of this revelation led me to sign up for a series of three workshops, Foundations of Conversational Leadership: The essence of what we are, as the foundation of what we can become (sponsored by David Whyte & Invitas, the Institute for Conversational Leadership). 

The Invitas team featured David Whyte, Craig Fleck, Mitch Saunders, Libby Wagner, and MaryLiz Smith, and the workshops took place on Whidbey Island, Washington.  The series focused on seven key elements for “making courageous conversations real.”

Inspired by this extraordinary experience, I created a series of seven Morning Musings that I’ll be sharing with you over the next several months:


Seven Practices to Re-Enchant Your Life

  1. 1.    Transforming your Beliefs
  2. 2.    Question Everything
  3. 3.    Integrating your Shadows
  4. 4.    The Healing Power of Feeling the Pain of Heartbreak
  5. 5.    Manifesting your Unique Gifts and Talents
  6. 6.    Intimacy with Detachment
  7. 7.    Entering the Flow of the Cycles of Life


Drawing upon the wisdom of the Intelligence in Nature, and Heart Intelligence, the first of these blogposts will be posted in August, 2015.  I’m excited to share with you what I learned, and am continuing to learn, about the sincere path of the broken, healing, mystical heart.

Many thanks to David Whyte and his Invitas team.



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