My inner landscape is filled with awe, humility, beauty and a sense of interconnectedness every time I stand in the presence of wild horses.  I find it challenging to describe these feelings through language, and I’m not even sure it serves to try.  Our connection with the animals comes through our senses and feelings, not language and words.  Intentionally taking into the body all of the feelings and emotions that arise in any given moment without trying to explain the experience through thinking opens up the possibility to tap into the intelligence of the heart and intuition.

Tim Benson and I created the video below from footage taken of wild horses at sunrise out on the Sand Wash Basin on September 18, 2016.  That morning, we woke up to large, colorful herd grazing very near our campsite.  We walked over to them, and they peacefully meandered around us for a couple of hours.

Please watch this video through your senses, keeping your thoughts, judgments, and stories at bay, and notice how it impacts you to just feel without putting words to your feelings:

Our ability to communicate with language comes from the cognitive part of our brain, the neo-cortex.  Horses and most other mammals have a very small, underdeveloped neo-cortex. The nonverbal connection between animals and humans originates in the limbic brain, which is where emotions, intuition, and feelings are sourced, and where there is no capacity for language.   This is why our relationships with animals feel so deep, precious, and difficult to describe.

Having wild horses out on the range where we can spend time with them is a valuable commodity.  Wild horses behave very differently than domesticated horses.  I find that being with wild animals awakens the animal in me that wants to be wild, free, beautiful and spontaneous.  I think that is an important instinct to keep alive and well within us.

I invite you to learn more about our wild horses and get involved.

With love,

Deborah Inanna Krenza


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