I’m an Intuitive Coach. My passion is “Tending the feminine fire” through connecting clients with the Intelligence in Nature and the non-cognitive sources of intelligence, such as Heart Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence and Intuition.

Having studied the mind/body connection through the disciplines of Yoga and Pilates for over two decades combined with my experience as a Horse Guided Coach, I partners with horses to awaken individual’s awareness of the vibration they emit, and the impact it has on others.

Through facilitated sessions with horses, I help individuals and teams build emotional intelligence and trust, which informs and translates into the ability to build and sustain trust with human partners.

My clients appreciate the purity, integrity, and skill that I bring in creating an environment that encourages transformational mindset and behavioral shifts.

I draw upon training and experience in varied spiritual, mind/body, and cultural disciplines (see below).

For as long as I can remember, the natural world has been my closest playmate, teacher, and guide ( that’s me on the left). To this day, the universal joy and communion I feel with everything in Nature sustains me.

My irrepressible childhood curiosity led me to be bitten, stung, and mildly poisoned by pretty much everything within my reach. For my sixteenth birthday I got Hud, a five foot blue indigo snake who I taught to slide through my belt loops and hang out with me as a belt.

A serious accident and a badly broken leg, gave me the opportunity to observe my life from the vantage point of the sofa and catapulted me into major life changes including leaving my marriage of thirty-five years.

Just like Queen Inanna’s descent through the seven gates into the underworld in the Myth of Inanna (hence the name of my company), the journey into my shadows revealed a wild, primal part of myself that felt trapped, stifled, and desperate.

I chose to strip myself of that identity, just as the gatekeepers stripped Inanna of all of her possessions.


Newfield Network Coaching Training – Newfield Network

Equine Guided Education – Sky Horse Ranch

Intuitive Animal Communication – Paula Vaughan

Invitas – David Whyte

The Fourfold Way – Angeles Arrien

Second Half of Life – Angeles Arrien

Leadership Circle Profile Coach –  The Leadership Circle

HearthMath Certified Coach – HeartMath


heart math certified

Non-dual Meditation – Adyashanti

Ritual Healing Village – Sobonfu Somé

Ashtanga Yoga – Richard Freeman

Pilates – Mary Bischof & Patricia Henderson

Stephen Ministry Leader – Christian Healing Ministry

Contemplative Monastic Retreats – St. Benedict’s Monastery

BA in Foreign Language & Education – Auburn University


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