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The Joy of Courageous Living

It takes courage to choose to be your authentic self, to follow your dreams, to live from your purpose and vision, to share your gifts and talents with the world and be the unique contribution you came here to be.

It takes courage to drop the shrouds of insufficiency and victimization, to face your fears head on, and reclaim your true nature.

It takes courage to face your shadows, to integrate both the light and the dark aspects of your Being.

My mission as an Intuitive Coach is to create the safe, sacred, compassionate space where you can walk through the gate of unknowing and open your heart.  Into this open heartedness, creative, healing possibilities arise; growth, forgiveness and acceptance take place.

In our sessions together, I am the Witness of your growth, and the Advocate for you to embody and embrace your True Nature, Autonomy, Resilience and Joy.

Much Love,

Founder and Herd Queen

Deborah Inanna Krenza

The Medicine of Horse is Power

I highly recommend this adventure! Deborah is a treasure–insightful, warm, genuine, passionate, knowledgable, and generous. And the experience she offers on that gorgeous ranch, wow… You’re out there in the expanse, communing with those amazing creatures, sipping mate tea from a camping cup, learning to harness your own intuition with her expert guidance. It’s just the right mix of challenge, enchantment, practical wisdom, and dirt! Thank you, Deborah (and Julietta!)


Deborah gets straight to the heart by observing and listening to the language of nature.  She provided a safe and supported space for me to find my own answers.  My short experience with Deborah gave me a strong understanding of my authentic contribution to everyone and everything.

Jen - Horse Session, April 2017

Marketing Director

I was looking for someone who could bring me to another level spiritually, help me grow confidentially, and really guide me in taking a different approach than what I have previously taken in rough times. I couldn’t think of a more powerful and inspirational person that has the wisdom that I am looking for to accomplish those goals than Deborah.


There is a generosity in Deborah and that was felt every moment I was with her. She shares what she knows and that is such a gift. Sharing is very different from projecting and Deborah has mastered this quality.

Patricia – 3 Day Nature Solo Immersion, November 2014

Intuitive Coaching

I create the safe, compassionate space where you can transform and embrace your true nature.  What’s holding you back from the life you envision? I offer Executive coaching, too.


Nature Immersions

Nurture your inner world by spending time in the rhythms, beauty, and the healing silence of Mother Nature. Ground, rejuvenate, and receive creative insights on your current inquiries.


Horse Sessions

Guiding us to our intuitive, sensual, heart-centered wisdom; the horse brings calm to our overly-stimulated nervous system and holds the potential for insights, healing, creativity, and curiosity.


Speaking Events

Invite me to come speak.  I love sharing my passions about Advocating for our Wild Horses, Tending the Feminine Fire, and Matters of the Heart. What’s your group called to manifest right now?

Call of the Wild

Myth of Inanna


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