Everyone wants to be happy, clear, and fulfilled.  Yet, everywhere I go, I feel so much unhappiness and see so many “faces set against the world.”  What is obscuring our ability to experience and embrace the love and joy that is all around us?

In my humble opinion, it’s actually alarmingly simple.  Living a life filled with happiness and joy comes about by simply consciously choosing just that in every moment.  The caveat is that there is always inner and outer work that comes along with that choosing.

My contribution as a coach and mentor is focused on healing the heart by guiding clients to befriend disempowering beliefs, stories, wounds and fears; implement practices that encourage awakening; discover the gifts that are hidden in every occurrence; build courage, self-confidence, clear communication, and curiosity.

The horses open the heart, reconnect us with the intelligence of the body, the emotions, and our energetic field.  Our beloved animal companions teach us many important life lessons.  Mother Nature grounds, heals, and reveals the beauty and interconnectedness in everything.

Come.  We’ll sit a spell, play with the horses, go for a walk in the forest, or meet at a coffee shop.  Wherever we are, we will definitely laugh, go deep, question everything, and explore the mystery of who and what we came here to be.

Much love, 

Deborah Inanna Krenza
Gates of Inanna Ranch
Lyons, Colorado